IGTV, the new video platform of Instagram, has just been released. You are in the right place if you are looking to learn all about IGTV. With great excitement and anticipation, we are glad to make known that a new video platform of Instagram, IGtV, has been released. We have been collecting the details from many sources, tugging it all together to create the IGTV’s ultimate guide. While the video feature on the Instagram platform is no the latest thing, the new application IGTV boasts longer-form video to rival other video service sites. 

Whether you are a serial Instagrammer or a new user, you should definitely read this article to bring out everything there is to know about the brand-new platform.


IGTV is the brand new update from one of the fastest-growing social media networks, and it lets you create and watch long-form videos. Acquire IGTV views and make your brand and business growing fastest. With the increase of content creators and influencers on Instagram, formerly being limited by the sixty-second video clip, these content creators and influencers now can make longer videos up to ten minutes for all the Instagram accounts, with the bigger ones having a one-hour time limit.

IGTV is a service that is created to compete with YouTube. But there is one difference between them: all the IGTV videos are created in the vertical videos. As Instagram is an application peculiarly customized towards mobile users, they are backing suit by ensuring that their videos on Instagram TV appear only vertical. IGTV can be accessed through the Instagram application to watch the videos, but you must download the IGTV application if you are content creators in order to post your videos. 

Videos that are based on mobile will make up seventy-eight percent of all the mobile traffic data by the year 2021, which means most people spend a lot of time watching mobile-based videos. Buy IGTV likes to acquire more likes for your videos, for the social media networking world, Instagram is now a titan. Now the videos on Instagram are becoming very large.

With the introduction of the separate app and long-form video, the focus is now on creating an exciting and excellent platform for visual content. More content creators and influencers, and marketers are set to move on to the IGTV platform and utilize the IGTV platform for their business and brand growth. 


You will need to download the IGTV application to your mobile or desktop devices to start creating long-form video content. And you will be asked if you want to use the present logged-in account on your Instagram application. Through the settings tab on the IGTV application, you can easily switch between accounts. Much like the Story feature of Instagram, the IGTV app utilizes vertical videos. The IGTV application comes with four main sections and a search bar: the main four sections are For You, Popular, Following, and Continue Watching.