How To Gain More TikTok Views And Make Your Ads Viral

TikTok is blessed to be the seventh-largest social platform globally, with 689 million monthly active users(Datareportal,2021). TikTok growth has shown no sign of stopping as it continues to grow. TikTok is also the platform that has stuck to its advertising ground and even better serves marketing in every business. TikTok advertising will help you reach a young and energetic audience, who will share your content if they love it. 

TikTok is such an excellent start for beginners in marketing, and for businesses, it isn’t a barrier to learning new things. In this guide, we will let you know all the necessities in making a video to get more views on TikTok. 

Without further delay, let’s get started.

Who Should Make Ads On TikTok?

Some brands on TikTok are spending money on ads so they could get an amount of brand exposure. And do you know a fact that not every brand could succeed here? We will look at the three truths, which tell you why you should invest in these TikTok ads and make your ads viral. 

Brands Look For Engagement 

The TikTok application has been downloaded over 2 billion times, including 165 billion downloads in the U.S alone. And it seems like the TikTok trends are climbing fast. That large audience isn’t idle, and the youngest audience spends about 80 minutes per day on TikTok, nearing the engagement time of youtube. And TikTok users open the app eight times a day on average. 

Brands Sell To Well Funded Gen-Zers

The audience rate on TikTok is quite significant, and it doesn’t span every demographic. And the brands which target generation Z and other younger millennials will get the largest pool of customers. Branded content in TikTok has become way more than a buzzword. While these forms of advertising increase visibility, they may not fit your budget. The best timely and affordable way is to buy TikTok views for establishing your brand presence. On the other hand, branded content proves the answer to concerts of long-term sustainability.

Brand’s With International Audience

Like other social media, TikTok didn’t get started in the United States and continues. India, Russia, Mexico, and Pakistan have the most significant number of TikTok users, and the U.S. has outshined them with the number of users. The app is now available to 141 countries along with 39 languages worldwide.

How TikTok Advertising Works?

Depending on the adoption, the pricing varies, and you would need to speak to the TikTok ads manager or the self-service platform. And we will see the different ad formats in TikTok.

In-Feed Ads

You can use these in-feed ads to tell your brand stories like a professional. In-feed ads are also called TikTok’s standard format ads, which allows you to embed your video ads to auto-play on TikTok’s FYP. However, these ads allow users to like, comment, and share within the same TikTok sound. 

Top-View Ads

Top-view ads are used to capture any user’s attention with the help of TikTok’s prime ad. These ads grab the user’s attention when they open the TikTok application. They allow 60 seconds by offering an immersive viewing experience. 


A brand takeover is similar to top-view ads, but it happens along with a full-screen static or dynamic one. Their duration is about 3 to 5 second long videos or a 3-second image. 

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are the common feature, where we use the apt hashtags for the content visibility. However, the hashtag challenges are a good fit for user-generated content. This format taps into the user’s ideology for creation and expression to bring brand awareness. 

Branded Effects

Branded effects are the ones that enable the playful side by creating shareable branded stickers, filters, and effects. These branded effects can be standalone campaigns so that you can integrate your branded hashtag challenges. 

Final Gesture

Some of the unlikely brands connect with TikTok’s young audience, and by doing that, they gain well blended paid ads on TikTok. Try to fill your channel with the type of content that users love and generate tons of interest in your brands so that new audiences will have reason to stick behind.